Last Minute Shoppers – Procrastination Pays

Norman Rockwell painting "Freedom from Want"

Norman Rockwell painting “Freedom from Want”

The saviest shopper of all may be the one who actually doesn’t want to buy anything. Proscrastination pays! Keep reading to find out why.

Last minute shoppers and procrastinators may get the best deals. Sure, some shoppers are savvy and hit the malls right after Thanksgiving dinner for the advertised ‘deal’. Others waited for Black Friday to hit the stores, and many more avoided the brick and mortar shops and opted for online sales today on Cyber Monday.

The ones with the iron stomachs may wait for December 24 and possibly beyond. They might still get beat out by a procrastinator.

BREAKING: This year the holiday frenzy may be more intense, there are 6 fewer shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

This means that retailers, have to pull out all of the stops i.e., sales, to get you to buy from their store.

According to Forbes, we should look for another steep drop in prices on or around December 17.

Although I admire the ninja holiday shoppers and the dedicated dads on line (and online) at all hours, I somehow wish that we could all have everything that we need, and be completely free from want, like in the Norman Rockwell picture posted above.

The best gift is family, friends and having “enough”. The last minute shopper, who is not driven by the latest craze, or sale, may actually realize that there is already “enough” and getting more is an option. This is when procrastination pays – when the last minute shopper will accept the lowest price as a given, not an option.

Season’s greetings!


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