Bicycle ride to wealth

Tiffany Aliche birthday bicycle lesson

A young lady that I know is riding her birthday bicycle all the way to the bank

All she asked for was a bicycle for her birthday…. It turned into a money lesson for life. One that she is riding all the way to the bank! See how a teachable money moment changed her life – bring the kids along for the ride.

This stuff works. I have had the pleasure of working with Tiffany and other financial instructors at, where I serve as the Dean of Young and Rising Moguls. Our common goal is to make money management easy to understand – right thoughts and good habits lead to a better life. Anyone can learn how to handle money. Let’s get back to her birthday bicycle and how you can use it to help your children learn the power of money! This post is a tribute to what Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche learned about money at the age of 11.

Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche

Known as “The Budgetnista” by her fans, Tiffany Aliche is a best-selling author, public speaker and teacher of personal finance. Although you may have picked up some valuable financial lessons already from Tiffany, you may not know that her first finance lesson came from her father when she asked him for a bicycle for her eleventh birthday.

Rather than avoiding or shrugging off her request, Tiffany’s father wrote out every bill her parents were responsible for paying, showing his daughter just how little money was left over for toys and fun purchases. Tiffany did receive a bike for her birthday, but she says the money lesson she learned from the purchase was incredibly meaningful.

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Sparks Fly (financial literacy for You(th) is a place to learn about money, especially if you have children. “Money doesn’t come with instructions, neither do children. But you can raise money smart kids. That’s what “Can I Have Some Money?” is all about. Helping parents to help raise money smart kids.”

Put a spin on money for your kids before it’s too late.


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