Unwap a very special gift


Holiday giving is almost as hard as holiday receiving. The sweater, re-gift and guests… Some people need holiday “how to” etiquette. Here’s how to unwrap that very special gift.

Holiday re-gift.

Is it ever okay to re-gift? Yes! Re-gifting is the new frugal and a good way to recycle unwanted stuff. The problem is when a person pretends that its a new gift…. and then you see someone else’s name on the card! It hurts. 

Re-gift, if you decide to, just don’t pretend that its a new gift. Say “I received this wonderful “toaster” and I had one already. I thought that you would like to have it.” The giftee can say “thank you” or “No, thank you.”  At least you’ve made it their choice and they can be honest with you right back.

Holiday sweaters.

The holiday sweater just isn’t your size or style. As soon as you unwrap it you are asked “Do you like it?” It would have been okay had you not been asked for your opinion.

Always, always be thankful and then say “I’m going to look in my closet for what goes with it.” Or wear it for the dinner to make the giver happy. Or say “I like it… in my size.” “Thank you! Did it come in blue? I really like blue!” Then you are being honest, but not hurtful. Maybe the giver will exchange it for you, or give you the gift receipt for an exchange.

Holiday guests.

The out of town guests arrive.  They feel so close to you that they even brought their pet with them! When guests don’t have a departure date, or want to stay extra time with you, or bring a pet… It doesn’t feel great to kick them out. At the same time, you don’t want them to overstay their welcome. 

Explain how happy your are to see them and let them know that you also want to spend time with your family. Offer to help find other accomodations for as long as they need to stay.

Holiday fruitcake.

Your dear Aunt Phyllis was up all night making her holiday fruitcake. She is running after you with a plateful of it.  It’s not something you want…. but accept the plate and Just give her a little hug. She’s your Aunt!

Are you obligated to give a gift to everyone? No! You’re not supposed to cringe. Thank you so much and thank them for thinking of you and giving you something.

Don’t be so judgemental! The gift if about the thought – we can appreciate that someone is thinking about us and cares enough to give a gift on whatever level they are doing it!

The best thing about the holidays is being together. That’s a financial education that takes some people a long time to learn. Unwrap a very special gift of love and kindness, peace on earth and goodwill to all. 


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About candi sparks

Candi Sparks is a fully licensed financial professional and a Brooklyn mother of two. She works with private clients, business owners, the NYC Department of Education, faith based, non profit and community organizations on financial education and implementing financial strategies for success. Events are fun, interactive and solid financial information. Sparks Fly, financial literacy for YOU(th) Learn more so you can live more! toll free: 866.556.2432
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