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Education is the key to economic success.  But its expensive!  That’s why financial education is important. I just spoke with the proud father of a recent college grad.  His daughter is only $128,000 in debt and she’s jobless at the moment. … Continue reading

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College Application Checklist for Beginners

In my mind, opportunity is economic. Whether that means saving money or making money. Trying to find the economic opportunity in the college application process can be tricky. First there’s getting in to the college of choice. Then there’s getting … Continue reading

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Building a nest egg

When the kids leave the nest, are they leaving the parents without a nest egg?  Parents financially stuck between college expenses and retirement savings may be at a loss for funds. As a parent, its hard to put yourself first. … Continue reading

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Financial Fights Drive Kids into Debt

Blame the parents.  Financial fights drive kids into debt. College credit card debt is caused by parents squabbling over money.  Not in every case, but this is the likely outcome, according to a study by East Carolina University (ECU) published … Continue reading

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